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Garden Wish has developed through over 15 years in the Landscape Gardening Industry, where we have been involved in planning, designing and constructing gardens for our clients. We have always aimed to offer inspirational ideas to help create and develop a memorable finished result. However, sourcing unusual garden features has always proved to be a painstaking ordeal (and not always successful), usually resulting in having to trawl the web in the hope we can find exactly what we are looking for. This is made even more frustrating because we know there are some fantastic products out there which, by and large, go completely unnoticed.

Yes, we could choose to use garden centres for this purpose but by doing so we then fall into the trap of one garden starting to resemble the other, thereby losing any originality.

At Garden Wish we hope to go someway to resolving this problem by building a 'go to directory' of unique landscape features. We aim to offer a wide but carefully selected choice of garden related products that are generally manufactured by the smaller independent companies, who choose not to distribute through garden centres and other major outlets. The vast majority of our products are often made to order and are not 'off the shelf'.

Garden Wish has been designed to service the professional sector of the landscape industry as well as those customers who simply love their garden. We hope that you enjoy browsing our site and find it both useful and inspiring.

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