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Major Planter

Major Planter

Major Planter

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How the sculptures are made:
Bronze resin which has been used in sculpture for over 40 years, is made up of bronze powder mixed with resin and a catalyst to make a solid, durable and frost proof material. The surface patination is skillfully applied, using various chemicals that react with the bronze. Sculptures placed in the garden will dull over time but can be polished back to show their bronze highlights. They are completly frostproof. The material is non porous and so cannot absorb water. They have withstood Russian winters and Australian summers. Because of the bronze coating they do react with the weather and can, as solid bronze, develop a verdigris. This can be cleaned off if required by using a small "wash up" sponge dwith a rough side to it. This will highlight the metal. The scuptures are made with a threaded nut encapsulated in the base and each piece is supplied with a threaded rod which can then screwed into the base and the sculpture can then be fixed into a pedestal or pushed into the ground to give it stability.

Product weight available on application.

Postage and Packing costs available on application.




24 Inches



£659.00 exc Delivery


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